Our sectors

ServiceIQ is the industry tourism organisation (ITO) responsible for the aviation, travel, tourism and museums sectors. We facilitate the work-based training of people across all of these sectors, by working closely with the industry, employers, trainers and trainees.


We work with aircraft engineers, airline onboard crew, airport operations staff, airport ground staff, air traffic controllers, aeronautical storekeepers and the Royal New Zealand Air Force.


We work with travel consultants and travel specialists from across the retail, wholesale and corporate travel sectors, foreign exchange specialists and other travel experts.


We work with tourism operators of all shapes and sizes to ensure their staff have skills in customer service, tour guiding, adventure tourism, attraction guiding, horse trek guiding, management, and Māori tourism.


We work with museums and galleries across New Zealand to help their people upskill in the areas of museum practice, customer service, tourism, management and attraction guiding.

Retail and Wholesale:

We work with retail and wholesale businesses across New Zealand to ensure staff are knowledgeable in the areas of customer service, product knowledge, recruitment, stock management, reducing theft and fraud and reducing/managing customer complaints.


We work with hospitality-based organisations throughout New Zealand delivering qualifications to bars and restaurants, cafés, clubs, food services, museums, quick service restaurants.