Aviation is one of ServiceIQ’s largest sector (in addition to hospitality) in terms of the number of trainees that participate in our qualifications and programmes. It is an exciting and diverse industry with job opportunities that range from careers in large airlines and the Air Force, through to smaller operations within tourism and agriculture.

ServiceIQ offers training programmes for the aviation sector covering flight attendants, aeronautical engineering, air traffic services, airline check-in, aeronautical storekeeping and airport operations. We have recently completed development of two New Zealand Diplomas in Aviation (Pilots), which will be available through flight training schools from 2012.We also work closely with training providers to ensure that pre-employment training delivers the skills needed for the job roles in this sector.

As well as offering a range of workplace-based qualifications that recognise people working in aviation for the skills they gain on the job, ServiceIQ also administers the Aviation Modern Apprenticeships and Gateway programmes. The Gateway programme gives secondary school students the opportunity to experience an aviation work environment and work towards unit standards in aviation.

Some of these young people then go on to complete the Aviation Modern Apprenticeship, which sees them obtain a national qualification in Aeronautical Engineering.

Qualifications for this sector are developed in close consultation with industry organisations, the Civil Aviation Authority and aviation businesses, so they meet the needs of employers and trainees. ServiceIQ has strong working relationships with key players in the aviation industry including aviation engineering businesses, large airlines including Air New Zealand, New Zealand’s airports, and smaller airline and aviation operators.

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See below for minutes from the meetings of ServiceIQ's aviation governance committee, the Aviation Qualifications Performance Monitoring Group (QPMG):