Approval Stream B

To apply simultaneously for Consent to Assess and Programme Change (approval stream B) for the New Zealand Diplomas in Aviation (Aeroplane and Helicopter):

  1. Read the qualifications details document ((New Zealand Diploma in Aviation Level 5 or New Zealand Diploma in Aviation Level 6) and identify the standards you require for your preferred area of specialisation/strand.
  2. Read each of the unit standard documents (NZQA website) and develop a matrix that maps the outcomes of the standards against your existing curriculum and Aviation Services Ltd (ASL) assessment. Send a copy of this matrix to ATTTO.
  3. Develop your application, providing the following information/evidence in your application:
  • Provide evidence of agreement with provider whose program you intend to delive.
  • Provide a copy of your most recent Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) annual audit report. Send a copy to ATTTO.
  • Specify a transition plan for your current students.
  • Identify any resulting changes to the Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Provide an MOU with any third party providers of equipment/facilities

NZQA reserves the right to ask applicants for additional information if required.

Please complete the application forms for both applications online and attach all supporting documents with your Consent to Assess application.

Visit NZQA's website for more details about the Consent to Assess process