Getting started

Our  team is committed to providing high standards of service and support to all of our customers. They aim to make it as easy as possible to integrate training into your business.

Our Training Advisors can help you identify the training and qualifications that will best suit your staff, and work with you to customise a training programme and set training goals. Our team will handle as much of the paperwork and detailed planning as possible, leaving you to get on with the job of running your business.

Contact our customer services team to discuss your training needs to get started with ServiceIQ industry training.

How we can help:

  •  Identifying the best training options for you and your people
    We will help you and your team put together a training plan tailored to the needs of your business, and the skills needs and career aspirations of your staff.  We will identify the unit standards that best fit your staff members’ requirements.
  •  Recognising your existing training
    Some organisations find that their existing in-house training programmes cover the same content as national qualifications training. In these cases, *ServiceIQ will benchmark your training against relevant Unit Standards and work with you to fill any gaps, so that team members can be assessed as meeting the requirements for Unit Standards.

  • Helping with costs
    *ServiceIQ offers a contribution towards the cost of training and assessment. We will cover the cost of: developing a training plan; ongoing support and advice; administration; registration of credits with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA); the certificate fee.

The cost for workplaces includes a registration fee for each trainee, as well as assessment and, in a few cases, resource purchase costs. For more information on the costs involved please contact our customer services team.

*1 January 2013 the Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation (ATTTO), the Hospitality Standards Institute (HSI) and Retail Institute (RI) merged, transforming into ServiceIQ - the service-based Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for the aviation, tourism, travel, retail, wholesale and hospitality industries.