Modern Apprenticeships

If you are interested in getting work experience and qualifications in one of our exciting industries - and getting paid to do so! - then Modern Apprenticeships (MA's) are the way to go.

What are they about?

Becoming a Modern Apprentice (MA) is a smart way to gain a nationally recognised qualification while learning practical skills on the job. An MA is a foundation for a great career in any of our industries, and you won’t have to worry about the student loan or the long hours in lecture theatres!

MAs are workplace-based...All Modern Apprentices (MA's) complete programmes that are between two to three years in duration.  MA's are visited four times a year and are continuously supported/mentored by our *ServiceIQ Support Team.

Need to Know:

As of 1 April 2013, the Modern Apprenticeships programme and other apprenticeship-type training will be replaced by a new nationwide scheme called New Zealand Apprenticeships.

There are some key differences between the old and new apprenticeship schemes:

  • Unlike Modern Apprenticeships, which were designed for people between the ages of 16 and 21, New Zealand Apprenticeships will be available to people at any age.
  • Under the Modern Apprenticeships scheme you could work towards a Level 3 national certificate, but under the New Zealand Apprenticeships programme you must work towards a minimum of a Level 4 national certificate.
  • Existing Modern Apprentices will continue to get the level of support and subsidy that they currently receive for the next four years, or until they finish their apprenticeship. 
  • The first 10,000 people who enrol in the New Zealand Apprenticeships scheme after 1 April 2013 will receive an additional $1,000 towards their tools and off-job costs, or $2,000 if they are in priority construction trades
  • Go to for more information.

To be a successful MA you will need to have a positive attitude, be willing to learn new skills and be committed to completing the tasks and assessments.

If you are older than 21 and wish to apply for the programme please contact the ServiceIQ Customer Services Team.

As an MA, you’ll have the ongoing support of a *ServiceIQ Training Advisor who will help get you started. They’ll keep in touch and follow up with youat least every three months to ensure your learning stays on track.  ServiceIQ’s internal support team will also be in regular contact to check in on your progress.

Delivery, timeframes and assessment

MA programmes can take up to three years to complete, depending on the programme you choose. The programme can often be completed more quickly if you are motivated to get the work done and have a supportive workplace.

Learning takes place at your own pace. You will need to collate evidence of the work you are doing on the job, including writing up what you have done to complete specific tasks. This may need to be done in your own time, outside of working hours.

You’ll also need to complete assessments, which can be done in the workplace with a Registered Workplace Assessor. Find out more about assessments

Learning resources

Tourism, travel and museum MA's will receive a package containing an information booklet and two resource packs, which will help support you and your workplace in getting started with the training and making the most of your learning. The package will also help MA’s work through the training and assessment requirements for unit standards.

Aviation MAs are recommended to purchase a Personal Training Record (PTR) to document evidence of their training and experiences towards their Aircraft Maintenance Engineers’ License (AMEL).

How much does a Modern Apprenticeship cost?

Modern Apprenticeships are subsidised by the New Zealand Government, which keeps costs to a minimum. There are fees required for things like ServiceIQ registration and purchase of resources, such as a Personal Training Record (PTR), as well as assessment fees for workplaces that require the services of an external or ServiceIQ Assessor.

Your workplace may cover these costs. In exchange, you will make a commitment to your workplace by signing a training agreement, which is linked to your employment contract.

Will I get a Certificate?

Yes, of course! When you complete your MA you will receive a SeriveIQ Modern Apprenticeship Certificate and, once you’ve completed all required unit standards, a National Certificate in the field for which you have completed your training.

Aviation Modern Apprenticeships - Aeronautical Engineering


What is available?


There are Modern Apprenticeships available in the aviation industry, depending on the career pathway that learners are interested in. They include:

  • MA in Aviation >> Aeronautical Engineering Specialist Support
  • MA in Aviation >> Aeronautical Engineering
  • MA in Aviation >> Gas Turbine Overhaul
  • MA in Servicing - Avionics
  • MA in Servicing - Mechanical

How do they work?


To become an Aviation Modern Apprentice, it is highly recommended that you complete an Aviation Gateway placement while you are at secondary school and/or a pre-apprenticeship course.

Pre-apprenticeship courses can be completed through training providers such as the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) or Air New Zealand Training School It is a good idea to contact these providers to discuss the most suitable course. 

Once you have secured a job in the aviation industry, you can register as a Modern Apprentice. This will involve signing into one of the above Aviation MA programmes with the support of your workplace, and then working through the tasks and assessments required to complete the relevant National Certificate.


Tourism, Travel, Museums, Retail and Hospitality Modern Apprenticeships


What is available?

There are Modern Apprenticeships available in the tourism, travel, retail, hospitality and museums industries, depending on the career pathway that learners are interested in. They include:

  • MA in Tourism
  • MA in Retail Travel
  • MA in Tourism Guiding (Attraction or Excursion)
  • MA in Museum Practice
  • MA in Tourism Visitor Information
  • MA in Hospitality

Contact the Customer Services Team for more information about our MA programmes.

*1 January 2013 the Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation (ATTTO), the Hospitality Standards Institute (HSI) and Retail Institute (RI) merged, transforming into ServiceIQ - the service-based Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for the aviation, tourism, travel, retail, wholesale and hospitality industries.