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Maori Culture & Tourism Cultural Camp 1 - School/Provider Tutor Pack

Unit standard(s) covered: 17791, 17786, 17784, 17384, 17383

Unit standard version: 6

Credits: 21

This package will support secondary school students and tertiary provider students wanting to gain a basic knowledge of Māori culture and customs, or to gain recognition for their Māori cultural knowledge in a tourism context.

The pack covers learning and assessment for 5 unit standards (21 credits at Level 3). It is assessed holistically, with students encouraged to make connections with Māori elders in their own regions and visit a local marae.

Subjects covered in the workbook include:

  • Tikanga Māori/Māori customs
  • The marae
  • Place names
  • Appropriate Karakia 
  • Kaitiakitanga

The package was designed with a non-Māori learner audience in mind and has had a high level of Māori input to the content, so it is suitable for both non-Māori and Māori learners.

Unit standards:

17383 v6 - Level 3, 3 Credits
Explain the importance, and demonstrate correct pronunciation, of Māori place names in tourism

17384 v6 - Level 3, 3 Credits
List and use a range of te reo Māori greetings and farewells in tourism

17784 v6 - Level 3, 5 Credits 

Examine and recite appropriate karakia in tourism Māori

17786 v6 - Level 3, 5 Credits
Explain the importance of respecting Māori customs and practices in tourism Māori

17791 v6 - Level 3, 5 Credits
Identify and explain kaitiaki practices in tourism Māori

Note for Secondary Schools - The change in AMAP reference now provides secondary schools with Base Scope Accreditation for Level 3 standards in the Environmental Tourism Māori and Tourism Māori Practices domains. This means secondary schools can deliver, assess and report these standards. For each ServiceIQTourism Māori resource there is an assessment schedule, which gives the assessor the guidance they need to assess these standards, they can be downloaded from the ServiceIQ website. ServiceIQ still provides the option of purchasing these resources with assessing (marking) for those schools who wish to offer these standards to students but who do not have the knowledge to assess the students themselves.