News | St Pauls College set to takeout the ASB Polyfest with ATTTO

Chris Tu’uta (right front) leads the Tongan performing team.
Chris Tu’uta (right front) leads the Tongan performing team.

St Pauls College geared up to compete in this year's ASB Polyfest 14-17 March by holding a fiafia evening on Monday, and with the support of ATTTO (Aviation, Travel and Tourism Training Organisation) is looking to take away a trophy.

St Pauls has two teams competing – a Samoan and a Tongan team. The teams have been practicing and preparing for the past year with almost 100 students from the school involved in this year's competition.

The event enables students to build self-confidence and self-awareness. Tania Karauria, ASB Polyfest Director says the event is important not only to schools, but to families and communities. Performing can be a costly business with the need to pay for costumes, registration and transportation. It can be very challenging to meet those costs.

"ATTTO's Creating Pathways Pasifika Strategy has been developed to provide support in creating different and alternative career choices and education pathways to encourage more participation, completion and achievement in industry training, education and business development leading into employment," says Kathy Wolfe, Chief Executive.

Sponsoring St Paul's is a good example of a partnership approach to help build confidence and thereby increase economic benefits to the school, community and individuals. This is one of the key objectives of the ATTTO Pasifika Strategy.

"By linking ATTTO to our Polyfest it sends a clear message there are other things out there," said Mark Rice, Principal at St Paul's College.

"The sponsorship from ATTTO means parents can focus more on their sons, and the performance; and it enables them to enhance the quality of their experience," continued Mark.

"High performing individuals are important to aviation, tourism, travel, and museums sectors and ATTTO supports the growth and development of training individuals through ATTTO qualifications, which is evident through the investment in the school teams," adds Kathy.

Nua Silipa, St Paul's College Performance Coordinator, encourages schools to look for this sponsorship as an opportunity. "We are extremely grateful to ATTTO for supporting us," says Nua, "Aviation, tourism and travel are an excellent career paths for a lot of our students."

The boys had permanent smiles as they performed on stage. There was a real sense of pride by the performers', as well as the increasingly louder and celebratory audience as the night progressed.