News | Take a Fresh Look at the National Certificate in Museum Practice

The revised qualification is supported with a full set of user-friendly training manuals.
The revised qualification is supported with a full set of user-friendly training manuals.

Now is a great time to take a fresh look at ATTTO’s National Certificate in Museum Practice (Level  4).

Whether your museum has volunteers who need up-skilling or specialist staff who want to broaden their knowledge, the revised National Certificate offers something for museums of all shapes and sizes.

ATTTO has worked with the sector to revise the qualification to better fit workplace needs and develop a full suite of user-friendly training manuals that support learning.

Thérèse Angelo, Director of the Air Force Museum and ATTTO Board Member, says the qualification is now simpler to understand, with less duplication, and is a much better fit with the real needs of museums.

“I think any museums that aren’t already doing the Certificate should take a fresh look at it. For the smaller museums it will give volunteers and staff greater confidence that they know what they’re doing,” says Thérèse.

“In larger museums, the qualification is well suited to specialist staff who might not be that familiar with areas like museums public programmes or collections management. This training programme gives them that cross-over knowledge in an accessible way, with the training manuals and support from ATTTO that’s wrapped around the qualification.”

Training manuals are being developed to support the four compulsory and four elective unit standards. They walk trainees through learning, providing background reading as well as assessment instructions and activities.

“We haven’t had the training manuals before so having the full set makes it a lot easier to tackle the unit standards and understand what’s required,” says Therese.

National Services Te Paerangi (NSTP) General Manager, Victoria Esson, says NSTP supports the new qualification as a great way for anyone in the museums and galleries sector to upskill and extend their knowledge.

All eight training manuals are included in the cost of registration into the programme: $115 excluding assessment fees; or $165 including assessment by National Services Te Paerangi (costs excluding GST). A completion grant of $80 will be paid to employers when trainees complete training within 18 the month duration.

The training manual for the first unit standard (20554 - Demonstrate knowledge of museums and responsibilities of the museum sector in Aotearoa New Zealand) is available now. This will be sent out to all new trainees on registration. Further manuals will be supplied over the next few months, as trainees work through training.

To find out more and register your staff, talk to your ATTTO Business Development Advisor or contact The Hub on 04 499 6570.