Expiring unit standards

When a unit standard has been reviewed and is identified as being no longer fit for purpose it is an “expiring unit standard”. These unit standards are no longer available for use in new qualifications or programmes, but can still be used by providers in existing programmes until their status changes to “expired”.
A unit standard will usually have an expiry date of at least two years from the date of review. This may be longer or shorter depending on the reason for the last review and its outcome. The review report will state the expiry date for the unit standard.
Please also note that unit standards that show an expiry date on the first page are in the old style layout and this date is not significant; it relates to an anticipated review date, rather than an actual expiry date. You will notice the new style unit standards reflect this by no longer displaying an expiry date but, instead, a planned review date will be published.

Trainees working towards these unit standards must complete assessment and have credits against the unit standards registered with NZQA before 31 December.

If you are unsure about when a unit standard is expiring please contact ServiceIQ’s Customer Services Team.

About Unit Standard Version Numbers

When a unit standard is developed, it is registered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) as Version 1. This is now displayed on the top right hand corner of all unit standards.

Whenever a unit standard is revised, reviewed or amended to become “expiring”, it will be assigned a new NZQA version number.

When an existing unit standard is replaced by a new unit standard, NZQA changes the status of the existing unit standard to “expiring” and they also change the version number (even though nothing has changed in the existing unit standard). 

If you are unsure about which version of a unit standard you should be using or when a unit standard is due to expire please contact us.