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27731 v2 - Aviation Assessment Guide (AAG) - Demonstrate knowledge of working within an aeronautical engineering workplace

Unit standard(s) covered: 27731

Unit standard version: 2

Credits: 4

The aviation industry has set procedures the trainee must follow, and since the aviation industry is so regulated, this Aviation Assessment Guide (AG) has been designed as a checklist. This AG is best suited to workplaces with fully documented policies and procedures.

If you have a large number (50+) of trainees and your workplace has well documented training material and induction processes then contact the ServiceIQ Quality Manager, Gavin Redpath on gavin.redpath@serviceiq.org.nz to find out whether your workplace is eligible to have your internal training and assessment benchmarked against this unit standard.

If your workplace policies and procedures are not fully documented then the Workplace Evidence Record (WER) might be better for your trainee(s). The WER can be found by typing in the unit standard number (27731) under the Trainee Evidence Guides (TEGs) tab.

Contact the ServiceIQ Aviation Team for further information if you are unsure which assessment option best suits your workplace.