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20554 v3 - Welcome to Museums - Induction Resource

Qualification(s): National Certificate in Museum Practice - Level 4

Unit standard(s) covered: 20554

Unit standard version: 3

Credits: 0

‘Welcome to Museums’ provides an introduction to working in the museum and galleries sector for new employees and volunteers. ATTTO designed and developed this resource in conjunction with Museums Aotearoa and National Services Te Paerangi.

The resource will complement a museum or gallery’s existing internal induction programme. It provides an overview of the role, purpose, structures and responsibilities of the New Zealand museum sector, as well as health and safety, security and professional development information.

The resource is an interactive PDF that you can launch direct from the CD. It does not require an internet connection to work, although it includes some links to external websites.

The resource contains references to additional resources and learning activities. Learners complete the activities while they are inducted to their workplace.

The information gathered while working through activities can be used as evidence in the completion of unit standard 20554 – Demonstrate knowledge of museums and responsibilities of the museum sector in Aotearoa New Zealand. This makes the induction resource a good first step for learners considering registering for the National Certificate in Museum Practice.

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