Review of aviation qualifications

The review of aviation qualifications began in early 2009 with the review of New Zealand pilot training qualifications. Two New Zealand Diplomas in Aviation (Aeroplane and Helicopter) were registered with the NZQA in 2010, replacing 28 sub-degree qualifications. Flight training schools are now seeking approval through the NZQA for programmes to teach the new diplomas in 2012. Read more here

An industry representative Qualifications Performance Monitoring Group (QPMG) was established as part of the pilot qualifications review process. This group will provide ongoing oversight of all aviation industry qualifications, including other aviation qualifications reviews. See below for QPMG meeting minutes and terms of reference.

The review of qualifications for aeronautical engineering began in 2010. Revised unit standards and qualification documents for new engineering qualifications have been drafted and are currently going through quality checks with ATTTO.

There is an Engineering Advisory Group meeting with training providers on 7 February 2012, followed by a full Engineering Industry and Providers Advisory Group (IPAG) meeting on 14 February. This will be the final IPAG meeting before all draft qualifications and unit standards are signed off by the QPMG at a 22 February meeting. They will then be submitted to NZQA for evaluation and registration.

Air traffic control qualifications are also being reviewed, working with Airways Corporation of New Zealand Ltd.
Flight attending qualifications are the next area scheduled for review within the aviation domain.

See below for minutes from the meetings of ATTTO's aviation governance committee, the Aviation Qualifications Performance Monitoring Group (QPMG):

Aviation Review Plan:

Aeronautical Engineering Review - Industry Advisory Group meeting minutes: